TNC Neurosurgery Adds 5th Neurosurgeon – Dr. Beaty

Please help us welcome Dr. Beaty to Tallahassee!

TNC Neurosurgery! Left to right, Dr. Beaty, Dr. Rumana, Dr. Lee, Dr. Oliver, and Dr. Lawson.

Tallahassee Neurological Clinic, the most advanced neurosurgery, neurology, and pain management practice in the region, has added its 5th neurosurgeon.  Dr. Beaty trained at the University of Maryland for neurosurgery, and did a fellowship in endovascular neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins.

With the addition of Dr. Beaty, TNC Neurosurgery and the Tallahassee Memorial Comprehensive Stroke Center have dramatically increased access to cutting edge care for stroke patients.

TMH is the only hospital in the region with three endovascular neurosurgeons on staff, and it is the only Comprehensive Stroke Center in the Florida Panhandle.  The TMH Comprehensive Stroke Center cares for

TNC Endovascular Neurosurgeons. Left to right: Dr. Beaty, Dr. Oliver, and Dr. Lawson.

patients from northwest Florida, south Georgia, and southeast Alabama.  The Endovascular Neurosurgery program at TMH started in 2012, when Dr. Lawson moved to the area and started the endovascular neurosurgery program.  It expanded in 2013, with the addition of Dr. Oliver, and now in 2017, with the addition of Dr. Beaty, it is the best staffed stroke center in the region, without question.

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